simple equation calculator

simple equation calculator is a free tool and lesson to understand and solve quickly simple equation exercises.

what’s a simple equation?

is a problem with one unique unknown answer that give the solution to a mathematic problem.

example : 2x + 4 = 14 .

interpretation :

the x is the unknown number that we are looking for or the answer.

so if we multiply that number and add the number 4 the sum will be 14.

meaning : 2*x + 4 = 14.

that means, if we do take the 4 from 14, it will give as twice the X (2x) that we are looking for.

so the 4 will be put in the other side of the equation and will be put with the opposit sign ( + to -‘).

so it will be :

2x+4 = 14 ==> 2x=14-4.

time for a simple math : 14-4=10 of course.
here it is : 2x = 10;

but it still need one thing : ) .

yes, of course 2 will be put the other side of the equation with an opposit sign.
2x = 10 ==> x = 10 / 2.

the result is x=5.

lets’s put the result to the test everytime we solve an exercise.

2 * 5 =10 10+4 =14. it’s correct.

concratulations! now you can solve your own math ecercises and your children’s too ;).

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